Taken by the clouds

CLIENT: marik books

ROLE:author, UI, UX designer

MEDIA:i-pad, book

“Taken by the clouds” is a project which attempts to describe the power of imagination to everyday life. To capture the moments where during an everyday activity our brain flies and meets imagination. The concept depicts a series of illustrated thoughts a sort of short phrases -poems accompanied by heroes living in a community with original illustrated characters like Mr Straw, or Claoudita who float among us and live between reality and imagination in order to escape from the ordinary and face life in an amusing positive way.


The heroes of this book, float in-between us illustrating in an amusing way the impact of imagination in our everyday life. This is a forty-five fully illustrated pages book for all ages, especially addressed to the people who live in-between reality and imagination.

You can find this book on selected bookstores like IANOS, PUBLIC in Athens and you can order this book on-line from this web site.

ISBN: 978-940-98708-8

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