Human an illusionist

CLIENT: Personal


MEDIA:Animation Film

The aim of this installation is to tell a story through a visual narration system that combines paintings, sculptures, animation. The concept of the story is about the journey of life and involves philosophical aspects and tries to express the fragile balances of life and death.
"Wisdom knocked into my door a day and told me that powerful humans like ballerinas in one foot stand, on the edge of a sensitive and extremely fragile balance".
Based on this aspect of life the key themes of this project are life, death, time, freedom, passion, virtue.The interests of the practice is to create a narrative plot based on philosophical aspects of life (life –death- freedom- time – passion ) inspired by Nietchze’s aphorisms and poets such as kavafis, kazantzakis, Poet, etc.

Philosophy has tried to be translated mostly in literature as a structured text. Words played an important role to the explanation of life, fear and death and other philosophical issues.RThis projects indulges into the activation of the emotions. It explores relationships between rules and freedom, between human nature and culture, ethic and instinct. By balancing between surreal and real and merging with fundamental elements of reality and myth, the project attempts to start a “conversation” with the audience and “invite” participation on a multitude of levels (mostly intellectual). To summarise, this project is about constructing a narrative prototype system (merging figurative arts and new media technologies/animation), on an environment consisted of both virtual and physical narrative components, telling a story and delivering the “proper” pleasure (emotional, moral and intellectual) to the audience.

Original Music Composed by Athena KAFETZI
This art installation have been exhibited:

2008, Belgrade, Balkanima festival
2007, Xanthi, Tribute, "Art walk", Museum of Folklore art
2007, Thessaloniki, International festival of Documentaries
2006, Athens Concert Hall (Megaro Mousikis)
2006, Athens, Appolon-Atticon Theatre
2005, Bristol, Art Media and Design UWE

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